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Files and Resources on this wiki

A list of Publicity Resources

Timeline: a suggestion of what things need to be done by when.

Links to more conrunning info

Budget information: [WWW] is a gold mine of financial organising information. Why to build a budget, how, and various exercises and handouts to make the process less painful.

[WWW] is the wiki set up for all Australian SF information. They have, in their [WWW]Red Book, conrunning information gleaned from running SwanCon over 35 years.
[WWW] is a US based conrunning wiki, set up in July 2005.
[WWW] is a NZ guide to convention running
A [WWW]guide to running the Eastercon (the UK National Convention) has some useful information.
Many additional resources on conrunning are listed at [WWW]

Caution: Some overseas conrunners may be able to count on getting better deals from hotels than are available locally.

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