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Chronos Awards

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Purpose of the Awards

The Chronos Awards honour excellence in Victorian SF, Fantasy and Horror (where "Victorian" refers neither to the British era nor to the Canadian city, but to the Australian state of Victoria). They are presented once every calendar year, often during the Continuum convention.

Eligibility of Nominees

Please see the Award rules for the current award categories and the exact eligibility criteria for each category.

A list of 2015 Chronos Award eligibles has been started. Additions are welcome. (You can either become an editor of this wiki and edit the list yourself, or leave a comment via the "Feedback" link on the sidebar.)

Awards Process Guidelines

Nominations open for a month or two, a month or more before the Awards will be presented. Votes are then cast in the month before the awards are announced. Nominations are accepted from active fans, and from full and supporting members of the convention. Voters must be members (or supporting members or voting members) of the convention. The Continuum Foundation sets a maximum fee ($5 as of 2014) for voting rights; any membership priced at that fee or higher confers eligibility to vote, and a "voting membership" (for voting only) tends to be offered at that fee level. (Any individual is only entitled to vote once.)

2014 Schedule

Nominations Opened: Sunday 26 January 2014
Nominations Closed: Sunday 16 March 2014
Voting Opened: Sunday 30 March 2014
Voting Closed: Sunday 25 May 2014

"Insufficient Nominations"

Sometimes a category does not make the ballot due to there having been insufficient nominations. This does not imply that there were no nominations in that category. There may have been many nominees each receiving one nomination each, or eight or more may have tied for first place. (The Award Rules specify the minimum number of nominations that a nominee must receive to get onto the ballot in each category, and the maximum number of nominees that may appear on the ballot in each category.)


2014 - Awards presented 8 Jun 2014 at Continuum X.
2013 - Awards presented 7 Jun 2013 at Continuum 9.
2012 - Awards presented 10 Jun 2012 at Continuum 8.
2011 - Awards presented 11 Jun 2011 at Continuum 7.
2010 - Awards presented 26 Feb 2010 at Continuum 6.
2009 - Awards presented 14 Aug 2009 at Continuum 5.

History of the Awards

Planning for these Awards goes back to Danny Oz's initial plans for the Continuum conventions. He was assisted with the initial Award rules by John Samuel. These rules, based on those for the Ditmar Awards, applied to the inaugural Chronos Awards presented at Continuum 5.
John Samuel administered the Awards for the first four years.
In December 2009, the Award categories were modified to the current categories. However, in 2010, there were insufficient nominations in the new categories.
Early February 2012, the rule concerning collected works was [WWW]modified.
The Chronos Awards Subcomittee for 2012 consisted of John Samuel, Danny Oz, and Emilly McLeay.
Emilly McLeay administered the 2013 Chronos Awards.
In June 2013, the rules concerning eligibility were clarified.

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